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Consulting with a difference

Information Technology (IT) or Information Systems (IS). However you refer to it, there has never been a time in history that technology has been more important in our professional and personal lives. In the past 100 years, many predictions were made about a future where computers were the center of our lives. It was said we’d get our news and entertainment, do our banking, and communicate globally at home and in the workplace via computers. That future is now, especially since the smartphones we carry in our pockets are much faster and far more powerful than the computers NASA used to put a man on the moon.

In the business world, if you’re not making the most of this exciting new world of technology, you’re going to get left behind. But simply purchasing the latest hardware and software isn’t enough. You need guidance on implementing those technology investments you made, and you need professional support to make that happen.

Even if your business has an IT department (and you should have one!), IT consultants are an essential part of maximizing your technology investments. Simply put, IT is a field that is way too complex, varied, and rapidly changing for one person to be able to know how to do everything. Even a whole IT department of smart and talented individuals needs help with the implementation and support of the technologies that make the world go around today.

Having been both an IT Director for a company with offices all over the globe and a freelance IT consultant, one of the major differences I offer over other consultants is that I understand how organizations work. I know the importance of bringing your IT project in on time, on budget, and doing proper training, all so that you can maximize your investment.

Another difference I offer over other consultants is my focus on unique technologies and services, like Apple Mac, iPhone, and iPad consulting and support; Linux consulting; a wide range of Oracle-based services; and Forensic Computer Data Investigations.

Results oriented: Saving you time and money

You make investments in technology to bring efficiencies and new capabilities to your organization. The hardware, software, and Cloud services that you invest in should ultimately save you time and money. These are the end-goals that I keep in mind when I offer my consulting services.

Every part of your technology stack should bring process improvements to your organization. Whether you are implementing new technology, or make improvements by integrating various systems into one cohesive source of data, I can help optimize and align your IT footprint.

See what I can do for you!

Do you want to integrate your MacBook, iPhone, iPad or other Apple devices into a network full of Windows PCs? Are you stumped on what to do with one of your Linux servers? Do you need help with your Oracle e-Business Suite, or are you looking to make the leap into Oracle’s Cloud applications? Do you need a Forensic Data Investigation on one of your computers, or across all of your systems? Are you looking for an experienced IT Project Manager?

These are just some of the many IT services I offer. To find out more, check out my Services pages, or get in touch via the Contact form below, and find out how I can help you!