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Over 25 years of experience in the IT field

I first learned to use a computer in 1983, when my classroom was stocked with many variants of the Apple II line: the original Apple II, the Apple II Plus, and the Apple IIe. I got my first home computer, an Apple IIc, in the beginning of the summer of 1985. I hardly got up from the computer desk that whole summer, learning everything I could.

Four years later, in 1989, I got my first IT job while still in high school, running the daily, weekly and monthly backups for a local office. A few years later when I went off to the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, I set out to look for a part-time job. Right away, I got a job at an accounting office on campus, because they had been given a grant of a bunch of Macs they didn't know what to do with.

That was the start of my IT career specializing in Macs and other Apple hardware. After college, I got into the newspaper business. Two years and three months later, I was offered the job of running a weekly newspaper in my hometown, as the Publisher and Editor. It was a great honor for someone who had just turned 25 years old, but as a weekly paper, we had to operate with a small staff. We couldn't afford dedicated IT, but thankfully the publishing industry runs on Macs. In addition to my duties running the newspaper's operations, I used my knowledge to be the de facto "IT guy" not only for my newspaper, but also several of the sister newspapers in the area owned by the same company. After a few years, I started to worry about the future of newspapers, and wanted to puruse IT full-time. So, then I was off to a global technology company that uses Macs and other Apple devices.

It was then that I learned about a lot more than Macs. Behind the scenes, there were Linux and Windows servers. I learned all about networking, and computer security, due to the fact the company has many offices in the USA, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan, not to mention connecting to partners in many other countries. The management experience I brought to the company led to my eventual promotion to IT Director. This is also when I began to hone my IT Project Management skills; amongst many other things, I participated in and/or oversaw an implementation of the Oracle e-Business Suite (EBS), several upgrades of the EBS, including the R12 upgrade, along with implementing some Oracle's Fusion Cloud products, like the Oracle HCM (Human Capital Management) cloud product.

Throughout all of this, I also did freelance IT consulting. Over time, I realized consulting is what I really want to do. Utilizing Apple's products and Linux, doing IT Project Management, and performing Forensic Data Investigations are all unique skill sets that many companies need. I want to share my talents with many different organizations, so that more may benefit from these unique services.

Leaman Crews Consulting is a sole proprietorship registered with the State of Missouri and the IRS (i.e., I have a EIN tax ID number). See below for my address and contact information. I'm not limited to Missouri clients, and I am available for travel, or working remotely when appropriate to the project we work on.

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