Apple Consulting Services

Offering a wide range of services for your Apple products

Apple makes powerful, reliable, and beautiful hardware, but it's still a Windows PC world out there. I offer more than two decades of experience of supporting Apple computers and devices in both business and personal environments. Services include:

macOS computer, macOS Server, iOS installations and deployments: Set up and administer your Mac computer or Server for optimal use.
Network setups: Use your Mac, iPhone or iPad as a full-fledged citizen on Windows-based networks, or let me help you set up a totally Apple-based network.
Tutoring for Apple novices and Windows switchers: Learn how to get the most out of your Mac, iPhone or iPad, or how to make the switch from a Windows PC
Classic and vintage Mac support: Got an important file on an old Mac that you need to resurrect? Need to convert an old file to a modern format? I can resurrect those files for you.
This list is far from comprehensive. If you have any Apple-related needs, I can help!

See How I Can Help With Your Apple/Mac/iPhone/iPad Issues

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