Forensic Data Investigations

Collecting the data you need to make your case

Cybercrime is growing at a rate much faster than anyone could have anticipated. By 2019, cybercrime will cost businesses over $2 trillion U.S. Dollars, according to a 2016 study. That figure was adjusted up from a 2015 study that estimated $500 billion in losses. Thankfully, nearly all data today is stored electronically, and with my Forensic Data Investigation services, there's a good chance of collecting the evidence you need.

Investigations of external or internal compromises: Whether your network or computers were hacked, or you suspect one of your employees has committed a crime, I can collect the data to provide the evidence you need.
Data collection and presentation: After performing the investigation by collecting all relevant data, it will be presented to you in a report that is easy to understand, with the legal ramifications clearly explained.
Data from many sources: I can collect data from many sources to piece together what you need to know, including traditional desktop and laptop computers; Apple hardware including iPhones and iPads; network devices like firewalls, corporate databases; your coporate email, file servers, and other services; logs from your servers, and more.
If you think you need a Forensic Data Investigation, act now! Time is of the essence in collecting the most pertinent information.

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