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Linux has revolutionized the world by being free in both senses of the word: free as in no cost, and free as in freedom. That freedom has enabled developers to make countless Linux-based projects, and now Linux powers a major part of the world, from Internet of Things (devices) to the servers that power the majority of the internet. The downside is that to get the most out of Linux and other Free and Open Source software, a fair amount of technical knowledge is required. Some of the Linux services I offer include:

Server deployments of all kinds: The Apache and Nginx web servers; the PostgreSQL, MySQL and MariaDB database servers; Directory servers, and more. If it's a service available online, it probably runs on Linux, and I can help you implement and administer it.
Networking: Secure your network with a rock-solid Linux-based firewall or VPN. If you're looking for help with iptables, OpenVPN, OpenSSL and the like, you've come to the right place!
Linux in Windows and mixed environments: Linux has strong compatability in networks of Windows PCs, along with smartphones, tablets and other devices, with proepr configuration. That's where I come in.
Using Linux on the desktop: Ever since Ubuntu arrived on the scene, Linux has become more and more a popular alternative to Windows or Mac on desktops and laptops. It's free and secure. Let me show you how to use Linux for your every-day tasks.
This list is far from comprehensive. If you have any Linux-related needs, I can help!

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