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As technology is the key to giving businesses compeititve advantages in the marketplace, more IT implementations and projects are being done than ever. Unfortuantely, industry studies contiue to show that half of all projects are not completed on-time and/or on-budget. And getting your project implemented is only half the battle. You need solid Change Management to ensure your employees can make the most of your new systems, with no loss in business continuity. In my 25-plus years in IT, I have overseen many successful projects, including several website migrations and upgrades; upgrades of major ERP/MRP systems, including an Oracle EBS R12 upgrade; migrating legacy systems to the Cloud; and literally dozens more. My IT Project Management services include:

Discovery and Assessment Services: I can evaluate the current state of your organization's systems, and the effectiveness of your current project management methodology. I will provide you with a report clearly outlining your risks, opportunities for improvements, and how to best ensure success with your project.
Project Management: Use my experience to take the lead on your project, using proven Project and Portfolio Management techniques that ensure a smooth implementation.
Legacy Systems Migration: Companies stick with outdated systems just because the effort to get up-to-date seems too large. "That's the way it's always been done" may be costing you a lot of time and money! Whether you are looking to get that database from the 1980s into something modern, or you're looking to consolidate your systems, we can work together to streamline your company's workflow.
Cloud Migration Projects: Everyone's moving to the Cloud, and that's a good thing but what does "the Cloud" even mean? As it turns out, it can mean a lot of different things, and a lot of it is dependent on your particular systems or needs. Get in touch with me to ensure you're moving toward a comprehensive and secure Cloud implementation.
This list is far from comprehensive. I'd love to talk with you about your IT Project Management needs!

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